Home Car Charger Installation

Home Car Charger Installation

Home Car Charger Installation, Since electric cars have become so common on the road, it is a given that the owners would want to charge their cars in their own houses rather than find the stations all around the city. No one would want to mark or remember the locations of the electric outlets to charge their vehicles. Unlike the cars that run on gas, which can be refueled instantly, these electric cars can take a full night to charge. For this reason, the most convenient way is to have a level 1 charger at home or in the car at all times. These level 1 chargers are the most basic of the chargers and are comprised of a single cord with two plugs on both ends.

These plugs can go inside any electrical outlet and can charge the car on the go. It means that even if there is no nearby charging station, the driver can just charge the car through any socket in the wall. The drawback with this method is that it will not produce the same output as the regular charging station. The car using this type of charging will only be able to drive for 8Km at max. It will be enough to get the car to the nearest charging station but not a good idea for a long drive.

The EV charger

The EV charger or the electric vehicle charging station is considered a level 2 charging option. It is also the main charging method for electrical vehicles. These home car chargers consist of the main charging station with the cord and this also uses the same voltage of 240 volts and current of 30 Ampere. This means that these power stations are using the same electricity that is used by regular machines like fridges and ovens. The cars require a good 12 hours to be refilled completely and this is best done overnight. Like all the drivers of the electric cars would tell the new customers, that the best time to charge an electric car is overnight.

No one would want to wake up to find that their car was not charged and that they have to wait extra time to charge the car properly. There are many other reasons as to why Frank and sons electrical and the drivers suggest that charging overnight is the best option. One of the reasons for charging overnight is also the rate of the electricity. In some places, the rate of electricity is dependent on the time of the day and the consumption rate. The low consumption of electricity during the nighttime allows the drivers of the electric cars to charge their vehicles with ease while saving the cost on the charging as well.

The standard for all cars

The biggest distribution of electric cars is in North America and it is no surprise that the charging stations are found all around the major cities. For both the charging cables and the charging stations, the standard has been set by the companies that sell the most cars each year. The electrical cords and the chargers are a standard for every electric car there is. It is done to make sure that all the cars can use the same type of current and voltage.

This also makes sure that all the cars can use the same charging stations and do not have to search for their own specific modeled vehicles. It creates ease of use for all the drivers all around the city. Even if someone were to lose power during their ride, they can just use the nearest charging station instead of going home or finding a specific charging station.