Home Car Charger Installation

Home charging is still by far the most cost-effective and the most convenient way to charge your car. Most cars can be fully charged for the average tariff of around 7 pounds, which offers great savings over chargers in petrol stations. Many rapid chargers at forecourts can cause degradation of car batteries if used regularly over time. At Frank and sons electrical ltd, we will install cabling to your charger no matter where the charger is situated; we will not limit our installation to surface cabling and can price for items such as running cables under floors or in lofts etc.

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Best Home Car Charger Installation

All car chargers and all car charger installers are not created equal, and the choice can be daunting, let us guide you through the pitfalls and ensure you get a charger that fits your needs and will last you for many years to come.

The standard for all cars

Type 2 chargers are now the main standard for most cars. A simple calculation can confirm the time it takes to charge your car. If you have a battery of 50KW and your charger is rated at 7KW, you can divide one into the other. 50/7 = approx. seven hours.

Many people are unaware that most vehicles have onboard ac to dc chargers for their batteries. This is needed for all standard AC home chargers. A Nissan leaf, for example, has onboard 6KW ac to dc converter. This means no matter what KW rating the ac charger is, the car will only be able to charge at 6KW. This should be considered when you pay extra for charging in a garage with high output ac charger, as your onboard charger will govern the rate.