Terms And Conditions

  1.  All quotations are broken down for clarity and to the best of our ability. Anything not shown in the quotation will not be included in the price.
  2. A contract is entered into upon acceptance of our quotation, and the term contract is used forthwith in that regard
  3. Unhindered access to work areas must be provided and we reserve the right to charge waiting time at our  standard rate if the above is not observed.
  4. Contract delays that are caused by client that interrupt the flow of work, may be charged for. This is providing there is a legitimate loss to Frank & Sons Electrical Ltd
  5. All materials remain the property of Frank & Sons Electrical Ltd, until full payment is received.
  6. A cancellation fee for a contract may be charged at 50% of the value of the contract if under 48 hours notice is given, unless the contract is re-scheduled for within 14 days. (The contract maybe re-scheduled a maximum of 2 times)
  7. For new clients, all certificates will be provided after payment of invoice (works under £350 are payable on completion of works. For contracts over £350 the payment terms are net 14 days )
  8. All prices are quoted excluding VAT
  9. We reserve the right to add parking charges where it has been stated by client that parking will be provided.
  10. London congestion charges will be included in service price unless stated differently on the quotation.
  11. Any stage payments stated in the quotation must be strictly adhered to or Frank & Sons Electrical Ltd. reserve the right to terminate the contract and recover any balance payment via legal means.
  12. Should the client be unhappy with any work, Frank & sons electrical ltd, will be given an opportunity to rectify this work.
  13. Frank & Sons Electrical ltd, will at its own cost and to the best of our ability provide a professional quotation to the client. We remind the client of his/her moral & legal obligations under privacy laws, not to share this quotation with other contractors, and thereby enable a level playing field.
  14.  Frank & Sons Electrical ltd, reserve the right to charge interest at judgement rate for late payments
  15. Car Charger Ozev grants are obtained on behalf of customers and any subsequent rejection of grant funds due to a client not being eligible or incorrect form filling could result in balance invoice being issued by Frank & Sons Electrical Ltd. This invoice would be payable upon receipt


Standard mode of testing for electrical installation condition reports (EICR fixed wiring testing)

  • All circuits to be tested
  • 10% of all outlets to be inspected internally
  • 20 minutes maximum to be allowed for tracing un-identified circuits, after which they will entered as FI (further investigation required) on page of report.
  • Access to be provided to all necessary areas, otherwise return visits may incurr addtional costs


Standard mode of testing for fire alarm

  • Testing to be carried out twice yearly with all equipment being tested over the 12 month period
  • log book and alarm  layout plans to be provided by client. (addtional log books will be charged for)


Standard mode of testing for emergency lighting

  • log book and lighting  layout plans to be provided by client. (addtional log books will be charged for)


Standard mode of installation for a new distribution board

  • In the rare event that an existing circuit is not suitable for new rcd protection, due to an earth fault on the circuit, this can be rectified at additional cost.
  • On the occasional event that a ring main is found to be defective due to no continuity of conductors, then this can  be rectified at additional cost
  • Power outage during a new distribution board installation is normally around five hours